Art of the Assassin

We are currently at home watching the debates, and political news. Planning our decision for our nations futures. However we forget that, every vote will count. Ubisoft and Rock the Vote, have devised a very clever approach at promoting voting amongst the nations youth. In modern society, we don’t find our information through newspapers, or articles anymore. Our knowledge comes from media, and internet. This is a breathe of fresh air, for an old subject.


Held at The Hole, in New York’s SoHo area, the “Art of the Assassin” exhibition was an innovative display of “Assassin’s Creed III”-inspired art by some of the top contemporary artists working today. The installation was organized by Ubisoft and Rock the Vote, a fitting partnership in light of the popular video game’s American Revolution theme and Rock the Vote’s initiative to mobilize voting amongst the nation’s youth. With a lineup that includes Ariel Erestingcol, Artek, DualForces and Brian Flynn, the exhibition will continue to run for the duration of October and conclude with an auction of their exclusive works, with all proceeds benefiting Rock the Vote’s nonpartisan efforts.

Source: Hypebeast

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